Available Markets

American Dream Franchising, LLC is positioned to grant USA Subs franchises in all markets.

  Site Requirements
  • Your site must be located in a highly visible location such as a free standing building, major strip center, downtown location, on a college campus, near retail stores or businesses, or near upscale residential areas with a strong daytime population.
  • Your site’s traffic must be the following: 20,000 ADTs with easy ingress/egress.
  • Your site’s population must be 30,000 or greater.
  • Your site’s median household income should be $40,000 or greater.
  • Your location must be 1,600 – 2,200 sq. ft.
  • Your site’s seating capacity must be approximately 30.
  • Your location must have prototypical building signage and access to a pylon sign.
  Site Selection

You are responsible for finding your USA Subs restaurant location. The American Dream Franchising, LLC can help you find a professional realtor to assist you in the site selection process. Once a potential site is located using our site selection criteria, you must submit the site to us for review. We will visit and assess the site. After the site has been approved, your attorney should review the lease or purchase agreement.


American Dream Franchising, LLC will provide you with a floor plan as well as equipment specifications for a standard USA subs restaurant. Our floor plan will be adapted by your architect to fit your approved site. After American Dream Franchising, LLC approves your architect’s plans, you will responsible for hiring and monitoring contractors building your site. Your contractor must be approved by American Dream Franchising, LLC. American Dream Franchising, LLC will provide you with complete mandatory interior design specifications for your site.


American Dream Franchising, LLC will provide you with pre-approved suppliers for equipment, furnishing, and signage.

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