System Usage

USA Subs has been in operation for more than twenty four years. When you become a USA Subs franchisee you will have continued access to our experience and knowledge as well as our business system and delicious recipes.

  Brand Usage

You as franchisee receive the right to operate your restaurant under the name USA Subs, which is the primary mark used to identify our system. You may also use any other designated current or future mark developed by American Dream Franchising, LLC to operate your franchised restaurant.

  Training Program

American Dream Franchising, LLC will provide you with an initial training program that covers material aspects of the operation of the franchised restaurant. This training is offered at our headquarters or other designated locations over an approximate six-week period. The franchisee is responsible for outside costs such as travel, lodging, meals, salary, etc. We will provide all related training materials including the Operations Manual and Recipe Book. This initial training is in addition to the on-site opening assistance we provide to you.

  Ongoing Operational Support

American Dream Franchising, LLC offers you the expertise that comes from over twenty years of experience. As a USA Subs franchisee you will receive on-site visits from our expert consultants and continued access to American Dream Franchising, LLC via phone or e-mail. We will keep you updated on any changes or new products through phone calls, meetings, e-mails, and newsletters.

  Marketing/Advertising Assistance

We will assist you in marketing and advertising programs geared towards introducing your USA Subs restaurant into your local market and increasing your overall store sales. We will assist you with in-shop promotions, cross marketing promotions, and newspaper inserts, as well as local cooperative advertising.

  Research & Development

USA Subs restaurants feature a very competitive menu. We recognize that as current and future menu trends change, we must also change. We are always working on providing new products and menu offerings to our loyal customer base.


American Dream Franchising, LLC offers a state-of-the-art POS System. The POS System features software that allows you to track daily receipts and items sold related to your restaurant. In addition, your payroll procedure and record keeping methods will be simplified. This POS System will allow your customers to pay with the following methods: cash, credit, debit, and USA Subs re-loadable gift card.

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