USA Subs has successfully competed against and surpassed the major sub shop franchises in our local market in terms of sales volume and customer satisfaction.  Now, with the combined help and experience of my partners Russell Hertrich and Keith Kuceris, you and your family can live out your own American Dream.  USA Subs currently seeks hard-working and highly motivated individuals and families to open up their own USA Subs restaurant. We offer a proven product and a system that works.

At this time it is becoming increasingly difficult to open up one of the big name sub shop franchises as much of the marketplace has already been saturated.  However, the market place is wide open and available in terms of opening up a USA Subs franchise.  We guarantee and promise to be there for our franchisees. You will receive top-notch personal training, service, advertising assistance and guidance from us. Our goal is for you the franchisee to succeed and become a proud member of the USA Subs family!

At the present time, we are in the process of completing the necessary documentation in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission regulations on franchising.  As soon as these documents have been completed and filed with the necessary state regulatory agencies, we will be in a position to talk with you about a franchise.

We greatly appreciate your interest and assure you that we will be contacting you as soon as our legal compliances have been met.  Until that time, we are prohibited by law from engaging in any discussions concerning franchise fees, royalties, start-up costs or any substantive information about our franchising program.  We hope that you will be patient and continue to be as interested in our company as we are interested in further dialogue with you.

Very truly yours,

Karl Kuceris
American Dream Franchising, LLC

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